Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mesa Verde and Durango

Today we went to Mesa Verde National Park and Durango, Colorado.
Downtown Durango
We stopped in Durango for lunch and a little shopping. I wanted a small day pack with a water bladder because my hip belt was so heavy with 2 full bottles and other things it was pulling me off balance when scrambling over rocks. There's a very nice shop in Durango that carries women specific hiking accessories. I was able to find the perfect pack there. I can't wait to try it out.  
After that we wandered around town for awhile, it's a really nice little town. We found a great place to have lunch called Three Peaks Deli & Grill.
3 Peaks Deli and Grill
After lunch we headed to Mesa Verde. Mesa Verde has many well preserved or reconstructed cliff dwellings. You can visit and walk through some of them and others are just tucked into crevices on shear rock faces. 
Spruce Tree House
Cliff Palace
Long House
Balcony House

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